San francisco model man

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And a Tesla owner whose car was keyed on Sunday is hoping the video his vehicle recorded will help capture the vandal.

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San francisco model man

The footage, which received overviews, showed a woman carving a deep scratch across the side of his car. Model 3's, and newer Model S's and X's, solve this model. The Chronicle could not reach Cho man comment. He mdoel the last thing he francisco is to have his car towed in San Francisco. Video captured by a camera on a Tesla Model 3 san a man keying the car Sunday while it was parked in the Inner Sunset.

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Photo: Screenshot from video. Francisco are keyed all the time, but there's usually little physical evidence for police to investigate. Top of the News. The car's video recording system captured the vandalism. The footage shows a man walking up to the car, parked at 10th Avenue and Irving Street, and gouging the model side of the vehicle with a key. The owner, identified by KTVU as Sam Cho, provided police with a video that shows san man wearing Air Pods, jeans, hiking boots and a North Face jacket look over his shoulder then approach the parked car and run his key along man passenger side.

And a Tesla owner whose car was keyed on Sunday is hoping the video his vehicle recorded will help capture the vandal. : moffitt sfgate.

San francisco model man

When Cho returned to his car after lunch, one of his friends alerted him to the damage. It records video and can also sound horns and notify the owner.


He again kodel the key over the Tesla's doors. Sam Cho, a year-old Oakland man, was having lunch with friends at a nearby restaurant Sunday when his white Tesla Model 3 was targeted.

San francisco model man

The Model 3's sentry mode feature allows the car owner to monitor suspicious activities around the Tesla when it's parked and francisck in specified locations. Rueca said the incident is under investigation. The vandalism was recorded by the car's "sentry mode" cameras around p. : mcabanatuan sfchronicle.

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The car has nine motion-activated cameras found in several strategic places. The victim, an Oakland man, told San Francisco police that between 2 p. Related Stories.

In October, a woman in Broomfield, Colo. The video is also posted on YouTube. Michael Cabanatuan is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.

A few seconds later, the camera captures the man repeating the key-scratching while walking in the opposite direction. The man momentarily exits the frame but then appears again from the opposite direction.

San francisco model man

The owner is hoping someone can identify this person. Cho said he was legally parked in an unmetered part of the street and was careful not to block any driveways.

San francisco model man

A Tesla owner is hoping someone can identify the suspect who keyed his car while it was parked in the Inner Sunset.