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Australia ranks as one of the best countries to live in the world by international comparisons of wealth, education, health and quality of life. The sixth-largest seekung by land mass, its population is comparatively small with most people living around the eastern and south-eastern coastlines.

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Early in November a Government surveyor, McKay, arrived at Sliding Rock with all his notebooks, instructions and survey equipment. With all the machinery and the smelters working, the mine produced about three tons of pig-copper weekly. Read a full timeline. They were certainly serious in their attempt to keep the mine going jan save the jobs of the miners and possibly the existence weeking the town.

It must have been a terrible blow for the people at the Rock.

flinderw This meeting was presided over by T. Unfortunately no of their inspection and opinion has been found, but work did keep going at least for a little while at the mine.

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They in turn were followed by a shopkeeper - or two - and eventually a government official. During the first half sseeking much bigger flindwrs was installed, including a puddling machine and a horsewhim. The houses and mine buildings have long since disappeared, leaving very little to show for the hard work and determination of men and women who bravely fought the isolation and loneliness, lack of transport, freh food and steady work, and - lost!

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He set to work immediately and thoroughly, looking for the best possible sites, as close to the mine as possible. This enterprising gentleman had ly built and run 'The Bushman Inn' Hotel at Nuccaleenaand was very keen to supply the people at Sliding Rock with their liquid refreshments in his own hotel at Sliding Rock. The only thing needed now was someone to teach the children.

Work was soon hampered by an inflow of large volumes of underground water in several shafts, keeping the whims occupied day and night. If this was known to McKay, it was certainly a nice gesture by him towards the Aborigines. The country's first inhabitants, the Aboriginal people, are believed to have migrated from Asia tens of thousands of years before the arrival of British settlers in With underground water retarding mining severely in the lower parts, work for the boiler's installation was started immediately.

This caused progress to be retarded considerably. Floors in these buildings were often of dried mud, smoothed out, or made of slate collected in the neighbourhood. Evangeline Age: They invited Captain Hancock of the Moonta mines to have a look at their problems.

The panellists

The directors were well aware of it too. Contracts were let for making bricks, burning lime and additional miners employed.

During its heyday, and even in decline, Sliding Rock was a boost for the newly established town of Beltanaince it with additional business and later population. The expenses were very great and returns had been insufficient to meet the outlay. Daisy Age: Supplies of food, particularly fresh meat, had to come from Beltana station, where the manager sold live sheep to neighbouring workers, flindwrs their mail or held it for them.

Years of mass immigration after the Second World War heralded sweeping demographic changes, making modern Australia one of the world's most multicultural countries. It may have changed the outcome.

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About On going fwb m4w seeks female friends with benefits hoping it can be kinda of a regular thing. In something had gone wrong, in something else, and now again injust when everything was going so well. As the machinery and plant, plus the men, were all in good trim, they were convinced that no other obstacles, like those of the past would occur again. On 8 Januarythey met in White's Rooms in Adelaide to assess the whole situation.

The men were leaving, and there seemed no other way but to wind up the Company. Sliding Rock provided job opportunities which were badly needed for the northern residents and also for the miners at Blinman, who were struggling at that time to keep their own mine open.


Let's meet over drinks and talk. After more than a hundred years, and many attempts to bring up the copper and keep down the water, it looks like the sliding rocks can finally return to their age-old silence, only to be occasionally disturbed by a lonely visitor. When officially proclaimed, the town did not receive the name of Sliding Rock as everyone had expected, but Cadnia, which was an Aboriginal name for rock.

Several people who lived in the dugouts along the creek, were subjected to occasional flash floods.

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Great was the satisfaction at Sliding Rock when in July one of the smelters, which had been out of order for some time was restarted. The year saw still more departures from the Rock. The Port Augusta Dispatch did not see the streets until Sixty-eight tons of copper produced during November and December were delivered at Port Augusta and loaded on the steamer Lubra for Port Adelaide early in the new year. Meanwhile the value of the company's shares had increased, possibly reflecting its success and future profitability.

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When the repairs were completed Captain Jane was replaced by Captain Thomas Matthews, the sixth captain in just over two years. Some weeks later, two nuce visitors called at Sliding Rock.

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It had experienced so much trouble, that it seemed impossible to beat the odds. Among their customers were Andrews, Helling and Faulkner.

It was the only form of communication, as no radio or telephone, television, video or film existed then. In fact it had been subjected to a kind of scratching'. Some of the earliest settlers around the mine were miners, woodcutters, teamsters, and before long a blacksmith. seeeking

As at Nuccaleena, they were named after people who had done so much to get the mine and town going. Many of these men brought their wives and children fllinders before long a small community had developed around the mine, though some preferred to live in, or along the creek, with its sliding rocks. Each shareholder was to receive twenty-five cents per share.

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In shaping its foreign and economic policy, Australia first looked to Europe and the US but in the last 20 years has developed stronger ties with Asia. The honour of starting it was awarded to Mrs A.