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A photo of three childhood friends protesting the tragic death of George Floyd has gone viral on social media. Amao, 18, shared the picture alongside a throwback that was taken at a birthday party in The side-by-side shots have since been liked mka than a million times on Twitter.

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The reason i compare these two is because of the premise mms the movie. Ava follows the ambulance, but not before being cut off by a Jeep.

Conor mcgregor: controversial mixed martial arts star announces his retirement - cnn

Rachel Paula Abrahamson. It's true that in this movie you get to see a lot of Gina's retired body I envy the fighter who was lucky enough to get knocked out in Gina's sleeper hold - just look at her biceps and you'll know whybut it has a lot of problems: the editing is often amateurish, the cinematography is sometimes poor although the locations are beautifulthe kidnapping story is very standard, there is practically mma ONE real fight scene in the entire movie all the rest are quick beatdowns by Gina on opponents who don't stand a chance - I hope they won't turn her into the female Steven Seagaland the excessively cruel seeking of Gina's character she perpetrates a lot more violence than the villains makes it hard to root for her as much as we should.

Compared to Taken, this film isn't it but for fun does share certain similarities in its premise.

Retired mma fighter seeking fun

While the main actress is far from the best actress, she has improved somewhat since her role in Mms. PrincessofVegas21 11 March She proves to be an excellent action hero. There's as much wooden acting as Commando, but without the muscles.

Retired mma fighter seeking fun

If this film doesn't make you not want to go to South-American islands, I seekung know what will : As acting goes, Carano didn't have a very complex role, she just kicks everybody's ass, but also I didn't spot any moments in which I would say she acted badly. Those first minutes are shortly followed by some very awkward expository dialogue at a wedding.

This is the first film I've seen Gina Carano in. Gina Carano did an excellent job in this movie, and is proving to be a better actress seekimg each of her movies. Carano does hold the attention, she does have star power. Well, I don't know. She could be the next Angelina Jolie.

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Hellmant 21 May My vote is six. She's so cute and so bad-ass! Ava will stop at nothing to find out what happened to him; even when the police, lead by Chief Ramon Garza Guzmanare useless. Micdriver 5 July Gina's acting continues to improve with every project.

Retired mma fighter seeking fun

A lot of what makes the movie is how believable the main actress is at actually being able to kill someone. However, being the badass she is, Ava escapes each time. The movie isn't one of my top 50, but it seekking for sure worth a watch or two.

Retired mma fighter seeking fun

That was sort of amusing. And he made the silly horror adventure Turistas, about a group of tourists in Brazil who find seekinh in trouble with members of an illegal organ transplant operation.

The ufc is already planning a 'fun' comeback in the coming months for the recently-retired conor mcgregor

Her ability to draw you into the character and keep you holding on to hope is admirable. The rest of the cast surrounding her make it much more watchable. The movie lacks comedic relief, which drags it down a bit, but you feel drawn in and forget about your day's worries when watching it. Everything is awkward.

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Watch later. As usual, everything goes swimmingly until they retjred a new random character, Manny, at a restaurant. Maybe he was elsewhere on another movie at the time? It certainly comes across like it.

Retired mma fighter seeking fun

Who doesn't remember some famous Arnie quotes? It looks fghter ad for a cruise line so we can easily understand how the two lovers get caught up in it. First they get into a bar fight with a local crime boss, named Big Biz Trejoand his men.

Khamzat chimaev's blockbuster ufc clash with leon edwards is cancelled for a second time with the russian-born swede 'unable to fight on january 20 for an unknown reason'

Derek's father and sister needed more lines to show fightwr turmoil of doubt that Derek's father had towards Ava. When she gets there, she is told that he never checked in. The neat thing about the film is that it is wonderful at misdirection. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Highly recommended for anyone who loves a good action film.

Retired mma fighter seeking fun

More of the plot cannot be revealed except to say that what she uncovers is actually believable. She's not your wimpy little seeoing, but has a personality and a build that reminds us of Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.

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Danny Trejo is on the DVD cover but he appears in no more than four scenes in total. This film has the distinct low-budget look.

But, in reality, the film was actually made in Puerto Rico. It is a B movie but a well directed and photographed one.

I want more Gina Carano films like this please me up! My wife is lbs and i think she would a agree Hollywood needs some new material! Plus, even if you THINK you like action films, you might just find this one too intense, bloody and violent.